Journey of an Intern


my name is Astrid, or Astraline as the kids who find the pronunciation of the name hard call me at Wale. I am from Sweden and am currently doing an internship at Wale Wale Kenya. My first contact with Wale was almost three years ago when I, together with my class at the Swedish School in Nairobi, followed some youths from Wale for their “Slum Walk”. My interest of their work began and I did spend quite some time at the center during my year in Nairobi. At that time, Wale Wale was situated in another area so to be here again and see the new center is truly exciting.

I am interested in development work and have found, through various visits, that this NGO works for long-term change. This is, according to me, an extremely important vision and something I would like to take part of and help out with. I am also interested in photography, arts and physical activities and since Wale is having classes with these themes I am even more happy to be here. It is not yet decided what projects I will run during my time here. Firstly, I have to get to know the organisation better and later my personal assignments will come. These first days have mainly been for observation – I have joined the dance, art, acting and human rights classes, I have been to another Slum Walk and I have been attending the football session for Wale’s girls team last Saturday. It was a great experience, seeing how the girls’ nervousness transformed into happiness and proud as time passed. I have also tried to learn names and talk to as many youths as possible at Wale.

My experiences from the first few days have been really good. I live with Cecilia and Venna about ten minutes’ walk from the center and the area is really nice. I hope that these three months will be fruitful, with a lot of new experiences and meetings with interesting people. I also hope that it will help me catch up on some Kiswahili, I do feel like I have already started to relearn the language which is satisfying. The youths are curios and friendly and I am sure that there will be a lot of fun during the coming months.


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