French Embassy: Music Studio

In 2016 Wale Wale Kenya received a music grant from the French Embassy in Nairobi. With the grant we were able to build a studio – a platform for capacity building in the areas of music and film production as well as computer and communication skills.

To produce and distribute films, music and texts as a way for young people in Kibera to gain skills in different forms of art as well as computer, media and communication; skills valuable to anyone in Kenyan society nowadays. Also, the studio has since been a way for the youth involved in the project to channel their voices and tell their stories, with the ultimate aim to raise awareness on the living conditions in Kibera.To improve the creative as well as technical skills of our members and youths in Kibera in the fields of computer, communication and media. Furthermore, to provide them with a platform and the skills required for sharing their stories and participating in the global media community.