Who Am I? 2019

‘Who am I?’ is a project in Kibera, Nairobi that uses photography and storytelling as a way to increase awareness of self and community with regards to social and economic opportunities and rights among Kibera youth and by extension empower youth to participate actively in the change and evolution of themselves and their communities.

Who am I is a project that is run by Wale Wale Kenya in collaboration with Venna Odhiambo, a Kenyan multi-disciplinary artist and Paulina Sarbinowska, a Swedish photographer and communications professional. The secondary goal is to equip them with practical skills that will help them do so including photography, writing, research and storytelling skills. It was founded in 2019 with the help of Wale wale Kenya interns, Cecilia Wallen, Veronika Ljungberg and Hanna Skaj. In it’s first edition it involved twelve youth from Kibera and each of the pictures featured below represents personal stories told by the youth from Kibera, Venna and Paulina. They were exhibited in Kenya (November 2019), Sweden (February 2020) and are now featured on our website. We hope you enjoy and write to walewalekenya@gmail.com to purchase any of the pictures, volunteer or partner on the next edition of the project.


My Community is religious by Pauline Kemuma
Extrajudicial Killings make My community Unjust By Sarah Akinyi
Matatu Culture By Paulina Sarbinowska
Kibera namba nane by Winnie Awuor
It’s time for Prayer By Hasna Orenge
The ‘New Hilton’ Hotel By Paulina Sarbinowska
Ghetto love stories by Winnie Awuor
Enterprise by Paulina Sarbinowska
That Laugh! By Paulina Sarbinowska

Project Name
Market Day by Winnie Awuor
Bikes shop by Paulina Sarbinowska
Shopping by Dennis Oduor
Laundry Day by Paulina Sarbinowska
Down the gutter by Paulina Sarbinowska
Infomercial by Sarah Akinyi
Ghetto farmer by Dennis Oduor
A Kibera Sunset By Paulina Sarbinowska


Still me by Winnie Awuor
Play time by Dannis Odhiambo
Mama by Hasna Orenge
Infomercial by Dannis Odhiambo
Nyumbani by Husna Orenge
Chai by Paulina Sarbinowska
Parking by George Were
Jikoni by Gilberto Amimo
Climate Change by Gilberto Amimo
Nyumbani by George Were
Project Name
Beauty by Winnie Awuor
Project Name
Smile by Pauline Kemuma
Mama By Moniqueen Adhiambo
Family by Husna Orenge
Role Models by Pauline Kemuma
Beauty stop by Hasna Orenge
Music time by Hasna Orenge
Travel and Wildlife by Venna Odhiambo


Soar By Venna Odhiambo
Project Name
Be Free By Dannis Odhiambo
Water falls by Gilbert Amimo
Project Name
Scale by Dennis Oduor
Project Name
Sarakasi by Sarah Akinyi
Green by Winnie Awuor
Peace By Dennis Oduor
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Deltrice Achieng

Dannis Odhiambo

Dennis Oduor

George Were

Gilberto Amimo

Hasna Orenge

Husna Orenge

Moniqueen Adhiambo

Pauline Kemuma

Sarah Akiny

Sylvia Atieno

Winnie Awuor