Picture Gallery

Dance -This is some pictures of our youths dancing.

Pictures from the Center

Education – Is a vital part of our organisation, the youths are being assisted with their homework and we also pay school fees for our high schoolers.

Community connection – Wale Wale Kenya work actively to reach out to our local community. Below you can see pictures from Colouring Kibera, a project where we paint school in Kibera, and from our Computer Classes for school children in Kibera.

Film Making – This is some behind the scenes photos from some of our movies.

Music – Here are some picture of our youths singing and making music.

Wale Wale FC – This is some pictures of our football team.

Wale Wale Restaurant – Some pictures of our restaurant, managed by members Don Wilson, Benard Avangi, Japheth Matika and Nyabera Evette.

Fun and discovery – Every now and then we do fun and adventures trips with all of the youths. Below you can see pictures from when we visited a nearby swimming pool and hiked up to the top of Ngong hills.

Interns and volunteer – Here is some pictures of our interns and volunteers.

Outreach – An outreach is a performance where we try to educate the community through music and dance on issues that affect our society here in Kibera. It was done under the new name but with the same youth and the same outstanding ability to pull and entertain an audience.

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