School Fee Programme

Graduating high school has a very positive effect on what happens later on in life. This is why we try to help the youths with high school fees payment. After graduation from high school the youth can also get support do they wish to further their education. All of the members in secondary school are welcome to take part in the School Fee Programme, but to afford school fees is a problem for many Kenyan families. The fees for high school are many times more expensive than those for primary school, and when parents cannot pay the fees the kids get sent home.

This support is given with clearly expressed expectations on the student to be serious about the education. We follow the performed results in terms of providing study facilities and guidance along the way. The terms under which these supports are given are expressed to the parents in individual meetings.

Just as in any other place in the world, young people understand the benefits of education, but some of us need someone by the  side who can push and motivate. We do not exclude students that are not fulfilling the expectations, as these are the ones that benefit most from support. We encourage and help in any way we can. We offer Academic Follow-up in terms of homework support every weekday before the activities at the centre begin. Therefore the School Fee Campaign is a highly important and valued element in the opportunities that children and adolescents seek when becoming members at Wale Wale.

How it works: To pay the school fees for one student for one year is about 30.000 Kenyan shillings (approximately €300). Raising these funds is an ongoing process that will continue as long as Wale Wale Kenya exists.

If you would like to contribute to this programme specifically, you are welcome to do so during our annual school fee campaign in September-October. During this campaign all contributions will pay school fees and only school fees. Since the campaign has so far always managed to raise the funds needed, contributions during the rest of the year will be used for the other activities at our youth centre.

The process goes as follows: the student brings us payment details and account number from the school (the students go to different schools). We go to the bank to pay. The bank slip is brought back to the school by the student and the student again brings back a receipt of the payment to us for filing. This process is implemented to secure that the money goes only to school fees. The students come from poor households with many challenges. We know that parents in Kibera try to prioritize their kids education, but desperate situations sometimes makes it hard to keep a long term perspective. With this programme the families are supported directly by having this heavy financial burden lifted.