Vision & Mission

Wale Wale Kenya’s vision is to contribute to the development of a generation of youth who despite being born in disadvantaged situations are able create their own opportunities for growth, success and development. Using various activities, we strive to provide a conducive environment of creativity and equality. The aim is to foster a generation who make things happen rather than letting the society or social environment determine their future.

Every activity organized by Wale Wale Kenya has a human rights approach at the core and is aimed at strengthening local ownership and entrepreneurship, emancipating young beneficiaries through capacity building. By pursuing our vision, we want to impact future generations who will be able to contribute to their respective local communities and to the wider Kenyan society, both socially and economically.

Thus our mission is to provide youth with tools and opportunities with which they can build the life and future they desire. We provide a safe place for debate and understanding, a place to thrive and explore. The access to education, dance, art and sports will create an open minded and self confident generation.

In the long-term, this includes the enlargement of our current facilities resulting in our very own Wale Wale Youth Center building. Like today, however on a larger scale, it would be a space for youth and children from Kibera to access anything that spikes their interest. Consequently, the center constitutes a platform for a younger generation in Kibera to voice their ideas and opinions. Ideally this then results in personal growth, important and essential in the process of becoming active, educated and informed individuals.

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