CSR Collaboration

A business collaboration with Wale Wale is a good way to help boost the goodwill within and outside your company and also improve your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)-profile. We are highly interested in working with companies that can contribute and in return receive valuable marketing. There is a range of different options for collaboration, for example direct funding or field trips for the Wale Wale youth to your company or area of operation, or other forms of exchange. For example, our competent dance group is always ready to make your function or special event a success, and when hiring us you can take pride in supporting youths from the Kibera slums. Our teams have long experience with CSR work, and can, on request, put together texts about your CSR contribution, for distribution in your channels. We are interested in both long and short term collaborations, and are open for all suggestions.

Some of the competence that Wale Wale can offer in a collaboration include:

  • Dance and music entertainment, both traditional African and contemporary, including our own sound system
  • Singing accompanied by acoustic instruments
  • Dramatized dance
  • Photo services
  • Video production
  • Music production

If your business is interested in collaborating with us, please contact: walewalekenya@gmail.com