My dream destination

During the last couple of months, we have had writing and computer session with our young members. During these sessions, we have given the children subjects to write about along with instructions on how to write a blog post and use the internet to find information and inspiration. We are now posting some of the [...]

Journey of an Intern

Journey of an Intern - Astrid, 14th of June 2019 The last blogpost. It is strange how fast time can fly. You prepare for something months in advance, believe you are going to be abroad for ages, however my three months here have already come to an end. I am very thankful for having had [...]

Stories and experiences of an intern

December is hereee! That means a Christmassy atmosphere everywhere, a lot of action at Wale and a lot of good and relaxing times ahead. Last Saturday’s dance performance was cancelled unfortunately, so I have no pictures to share from there. So, it was just a normal Saturday with art classes, movie, football and dancing. This [...]

Stories and experiences of an intern

After a missed flight and a few other complications, I arrived back from Addis late Monday evening. Apparently, the Kenyan visa procedure has changed and instead of getting a three-month visa at entrance, nowadays you only get one month which you can then extend with two more months at the immigration office. The reason for [...]