How We’re Run

Wale Wale Kenya is a democratic, members-based organization with a board of directors. The board is elected by the members on annual meetings, consisting of 8 youths. The total number of members in Wale Wale Kenya is currently 33, though it grows from day to day. All of our members are youth from Kibera with ages that range from 10 to 25 years old.

The way Wale Wale Kenya is run, can be seen as unique in the sense that it enables a younger generation of Kenyan citizens that find themselves in a precarious position, to develop in ways otherwise barely possible. Wale Wale Kenya as an organization tries to overcome the mainstream way of going around development work whereby often a gap originates between policy and implementation, reinforced by hierarchical structures and invisible boundaries. The beneficiaries to such projects then fail to voice their ideas and opinions properly. Every Wale Wale project begins and ends with the youth targeted. Thus by being youth-driven, youth-led and youth-owned, our organisation is innovative and unique in a context where the majority of development initiatives entail short-term interventions rather than pursuing a holistic approach that can vouch for positive evolutions throughout one’s life.

The long-term approach that we adopt, is built on genuine ownership and responsibility for every aspect of the project. The vast knowledge and connection to the local community that the youth naturally possess, help in handling and avoiding a range of issues connected to for example insecurity, crime and violence. Moreover, this natural feeling that they have, helps in assessing the real opportunities of the specific projects and our work in general.

Our organisation is funded through mostly private donations, primarily from Sweden. We rely on well-wishers who either contribute monthly or support us with single donations. The funds acquired in Sweden are channelled through our sister organisation Wale Wale Sweden.

Additionally, Wale Wale Kenya generates a substantial amount of local income through offering different activities and services in the area where we work. This includes Kibera orientation walks, the renting out of our (music and photography) equipment and performing at shows and (corporate) events.

Lastly, every year we try to work with grants and scholarships targeted at community-driven projects. This enables us to focus and enhance particular projects that are organised at Wale Wale Kenya. Since our foundation in 2015, we have had the opportunity to work with Forum Syd (Don’t Beat Our Future) and the French Embassy of Nairobi (Wale Wale Music and Art Center). We are constantly looking for other grants that seem fit to our cause.

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