Be the change – get involved!

Wale Wale Kenya strive everyday to be the change through our various activities and initiatives such as academic follow up and more. By getting involved or donating you are making sure that change is being done by assuring that children from the slum of Kibera have everything necessary to be at their best ability to pursue their dreams. Further down are different ways to get involved in the change with Wale Wale Kenya.


With our volunteer package you will be able to participate in our daily activities, which includes art and library projects and dance. We also encourage personal projects by volunteers that might develop the organisation further.

Please send your request to volenteer for Wale Wale Kenya through our e-mail


At Wale Wale Kenya you will be offered to do qualified work experience in an grass root, non-profit organisation based near Kibera. As an intern you will actively assist in the everyday work at the organisation tutored by the Wale Wale Kenya staff. During your intership you will recieve valuable experience about non-profit organisation and how a grass root organisation is runned.

We only offer an intership at our centre in Nairobi, Kenya. To apply for the intership we require you to have an interesset for developing work and the region. Higher education if favourable. We primarly accept the applicant who will do the internship within the framework of his or her education.

Please send your application for Wale Wale Kenya’s internship through our e-mail


During your holidays in Kenya we can arrange for visits to in Kibera. The slum walk will enable you to learn more about the kind of environment and the life conditions children of Kibera faces during their everyday life. 


Many children from Kibera does not have social and economic freedom. We offer to pay school fees to our active members who have been performing well in a period of 6 months. There is always a possibility to help someone get their right to education.


We are grateful for all single donations, irrespective of their size. Choose your way of donating from the options below.

Donate Wale Wale Kenya´s Account

Account Name: Wale Wale Kenya

Account Number: 1170265401844

Bank: Equity Bank (Kenya) Limited, Kibera Branch (branch code 117)

Swiftcode: EQBLKENA

Donate to Wale Wale Sweden´s Account

Swish: 1233456258

Bankgiro:  250-1617

International Donations 

Paypal: Pay through your paypal account to

Please feel free to contact us for more unformation!

Thank you for your contribution!