The First Step Towards Our Future #SHAREASQUARE

We love making dreams about our future, so why not aim high? At the moment, the facilities of Wale Wale Youth Center are too small and limit us in our ambition to grow in number of members. Our current dance room, for example, allows up to 7 dancers to obtain qualitative training but we are often 30 dancers at the same time.

We have come up a solution that involves buying a plot of land and build a new center. This new building is our vision and we call this vision Wale Wale Future Center. The plot that we aim to buy has a couple of small houses which can be turned into studios for music, film and art. The large outside space can be made into the larger dance space that will allow up to 50 dancers to train at the same time.

You want to contribute in transforming this vision into a reality? It begins with one foot² and is the largest campaign in Wale Wale history.

Share a Square Campaign is the fundraising project and the first step towards a new center which is buying the land plot. It is the same land as the Youth Center stands on today, but we have no right building the new center without owning the land. Taking this first step will hence the future of the organisation.

We, Wale Wale, are going to build something FOR and OF the youth from around here. Figuratively, we have been preparing the ground for this project for the last two years. Now, we want to literally and physically build, brick by brick, the foundations for the future generations of Kibera – a four-story center including school, office, library, dance, media production and art facilities. The center is our vision for improving and extending our range of inclusion – to expand our local membership base from the current 40 youths to at least 300, so as to make a powerful impact on the community. Support this dream by helping us to purchase the necessary plot of land for the construction! We have divided the plot into 2,690 squares, namely square feet.  Since the plot will cost us $100,000, you can ‘buy’ one of them for just $37. We have a lot of ambition, we know. But we also have determination and support!Skärmavbild 2016-04-11 kl. 11.52.37

Around the world, people are working together with Wale Wale Kenya to make this dream possible. The Wale Wale network machine – composed by Wale Wale Kenya, Wale Wale USA and Wale Wale Sweden – has already started its engine. There are a lot of people who believe in the way we do things and we are hoping you will be next. Can you share a square?
Help us to help ourselves as well as the next generation of Kibera to help each other. Current Wale Center


Wale Wale Future Center: Our Plan
Wale Wale Kenya started formulating the plan to one day build a dream center. The center would be an essential part in realizing our ambitious vision of becoming a large and influential youth organisation in Kibera. In August 2015 a Swedish architect, Linda Eriksson, spent 8 weeks observing, discussing with the youths and sketching the first ideas of how a future center could look like. In January 2016 the drawings were completed, and our dream visualized into a tangible target to work towards step by step.
The basic idea behind the future center is that it should accommodate the same services and activities as today, only with better facilities and with space for a much larger number of youth. The activities and services we want to take place in the center are the following:

A big dance studioAxo_sprängskiss_100x150
Music studio and rehearsal room
Media studio – for production of films, podcasts and blogs.
Theatre – A big hall with a stage for concerts, performances and other events. There are few good theaters in Kibera, which means that it could also be rented by external actors as a way to generate local income.
High school – A school building in connection to the center. It will be a way to integrate education with creative activities and sports, an unusual concept among schools in Kibera today.
Restaurant – a natural and informal place to hang out that also can generate local income.  
Toilets & shower
Library – good study facilities in connection to the school.  
Bicycle parking – This is part of a sustainability focus and a statement of where we want infrastructure planning in Nairobi to head.  
Art room– for production of different forms of art.

Companies, organisations and individual people from around the world has shown interest in the Wale Wale Future Project. Collaborations with Engineers without Borders, IQ-marketing and Construction Companies enable this dream to step by step become a reality.

Do you wish to donate?
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