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Big news! More than three of the most influential Swedish news sites have acknowledged  Zlatan Ibrahimovic´s response to Wale Wale Kenya’s video We are the names on your body.

Aftonbladet, the biggest news site in Sweden, wrote that “Zlatan Ibrahimovic called out to try to stop hunger in the world. Now he has been replied by a group of youths in the slums of Kibera in Nairobi.” The article is quoting the video from Wale Wale Kenya word by word. “Zlatan – We know of what you speak” is the message that is being brought forward.

In an article named “the nice answer to Zlatan’s tatoo campaign” Expressen also refers to how Zlatan “has ”tatooed” up to 90 names on his body to bring attention to all the unknown people in the world that suffer from hunger.” A number the UN estimate to about 805 million. The article continues by describing how the Zlatan PR-video on the subject has reached the world and then how “some of these 805 million names, a group of children and youths from Wale Wale Youth Center outside Nairobi in Kenya, has responded to Zlatan’s action by answering with their own video on Youtube”. Expressen refers to the video as follows: “We are not famous, we are not rich, but we know Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Zlatan, we know of what you speak. We are the names on your body.

Furthermore, Nyheter24 also wrote that “Now children from the slums in Nairobi, Kenya, has made a film to thank Ibra – we are the names on your body”, they say. “It is hard to hold back the tears.” In addition to this, the video is also mentioned in a number of other news channels, one of them is Bleacherreport that writes that Zlatan’s message reached those he aimed to help. It was written that “Wale Wale Kenya, the organisation targeted, produced a touching video with a handful of the children affected, who both shed light on their everyday struggle and thanked Ibrahimovic for his efforts.

These articles were a reaction to Zlatan´s tweet last Friday (06/03-15) where he shared our video with the simple but clear statement “overwhelmed”.

The links to these articles are found below:


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