Holiday outreach show

IMG_2586The Wale Wale dance program main purpose is to let young people from Kibera ages between 7-25 years explore and develop their talents in dance. Also use dance as a way to highlight, bring awareness about and discuss different social questions and issues in Kibera as well as in other places in Nairobi and Kenya.

IMG_2627In August of every year we are having one and a half weeks training for a big outreach in 5 or 6 different venues in Kibera. This one big outreach is mainly to showcase the different activities that take place at the centre and also give a chance for the youths to explore more of their various talents with include dancing, acting and singing. It will also give a change for the community to know more about the organization and what we are focused on.

In this big outreach there are various items that are going to be performed. Firstly, there are various types of dances which are performed by different genders at the same time. We have acting which is mainly comedy, but is based on real events that are happening in our society. And lastly, we have singing. The song “we are the world“ by Michael Jackson is going to be performed by one of the youths during the outreach.

IMG_2634During or after training in this period refreshments for the members will be provided to keep the energy high. Also after this outreach is done every member who took part in making it happen is going to earn 1500 shillings as a salary and appreciation for the good work.

This outreach is actually a good thing according to me. It makes us focus more on our talents during this holiday season rather than engaging in bad behaviors such as doing drugs and many more. It will also help in getting new members to the organization which is also one of our objectives. Being the change that we want to see in the society will always be first in our day to day activities.

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