Out Talk Nation 2nd Episode

A few weeks back the Wale Wale Kenya film team with Don Wilson and Stephen Omondi in the front line released the first episode in the series Out Talk Nation. Out Talk Nation is a way to share common but important stories from Kibera och elsewhere and let these stories give a fuller, more diverse and honest view of places like Kibera.

In this 2nd episode, we get to meet Zedi, proud Kibera citizen an a man responsible for a fundamental service in Kibera – carrying out water. He gives his view on his life, his job and his beloved home area. The story is brought to you along with a the tunes of Omentality (Geoffrey Omenta), Kibera rapper and project leader in the Wale Wale music project.

Stay tuned for the next episode. If you are interested in the music played in the episode. Feel free to contact us at walewalekenya@gmail.com

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