WWK Annual meeting

IMG_7327.JPGWale Wale Kenya’s annual meeting took place this Saturday. The annual report and the financial report was presented to the members. Overall, the organisation has achieved everything we set out to do for the year of 2015. One of the most important parts of this meeting was voting for the new board of Wale Wale Kenya. The members of Wale Wale Kenya elected the new board and brand new officials, this is in accordance with our constitution which states that the Chairperson and Treasurer can only hold their post for one year.

The Board Of Wale Wale Kenya 2016

Chairperson: Japheth Matika
Vice Chairperson: Nyabera Evette
Secretary: Jacob Kokoyo
Vice Secretary: Benard Avangi
Treasurer: Monica Adhiambo
Board Member: Happiness Mwisha
Board Member: Brian Musau
Board Member: Paul Tennisson

Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow for we are releasing our biggest campaign in Wale Wale history!

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