School Graduates


From the left, Happniess, Elkana and Adero

Last year in December, three of our members graduated high school. They were all part of Wale Wale School Fee program that pays high school fees for all our members making sure they walk into their adult life well educated. This year, their journey continues. Continue reading and here their view of the life and future. 


Winnie Adero

I am Winnie Adero a former student at starays high school. I am grateful to walewale for the great support they have given to me ever since I joined high school till the last minute.

Life in the slums though difficult am, not abashed to say that walewale ensured that I managed to have all the required school equipments on time and the huge amount of money that was being payed  for school fees was of great help to me.

I want to thank everyone who supported the organization interms of the school fees campaign for it was not easy but due to their willingness and heart to give, I and my fellow students at the organization managed to go to school.

Am also holding my prayers tightly in that God will help us to get more volunteers so that we can perceive to higher standards of learning levels and will be able to also help the coming youths in the centre.

Happiness Mwisha

Hello everyone my name is Happiness Mwisha. Am a member at Wale Wale Kenya. For the past 4 years Wale Wale Kenya has been paying my school fees for the high school level. Am so happy that l have finally finished successfully. The school fees project has really helped me to get educated and stay in school. To me this was a golden opportunity that l will treasure forever. Education is a really important aspect in life. Now that am done with my high school am going to take the opportunity to work with Wale Wale for about an year. During this one year I want to take my time and expose myself to different types of careers and courses that am mostly interested in and make up my mind on what am really interested in doing so that I don’t rush into doing something that wont be interesting as l thought.

I would like to thank all the people who contributed in the school fees project and make it possible for us to complete our studies and even have the urge to continue on and move even further with education. Thank you so much and l pray that you continue with the same spirit and for sure you will be changing lives of not just one but many people. Just remember EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO LIFE and EDUCATING A SINGLE CHILD IS EDUCATING THE WHOLE NATION………. THANK YOU!!!!!

Marcelo Elkana

My name is Anyona Elkanah a member at Wale Wale.I am among those members who benefited from the Wale Wale School Fees Program,and I can say through this program it has really helped me to finish my four years in High School well and that was a chance that I didn’t knew ill get bt all I can say is a big Thanks to all that contributed through all those years I have been in High School I really appreciate your effort.I have understand that Education is the Key to Success and one can achive more in life if you have this simple knowledge,thanks again for helping me through the long journey….

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