Stories and experiences of an intern


I am halfway in my internship now, with two and a half months to go. It has been a time full of ups and downs, a lot of fun, learning, challenges and new experiences. I have had so much fun with the youth at Wale and in addition to teaching them different things in my classes, I have learned so much from them. I have seen a bit of Kenya, but there is still a lot more to see and do both in Kenya and the countries around it.  At the moment I am in Ethiopia for the first time in my life and I am really enjoying it. Addis Ababa is very different from Nairobi, less development, less things to do and to see also. You can really see how Kenya is a more touristic country and more popular within westerners. Ethiopian food is amazing, very spicy, but delicious. I want to come back to Ethiopia because there is so much more to see outside of Addis and I’ve heard that it is really worth to go around the country and see more than just the capital.  I am still planning to see Rwanda, Eritrea and more of Ethiopia and Kenya before I head back to Europe. For anyone doing an internship in Africa, it’s really a time to experience more than just the work, it’s a unique opportunity to see places and meet people outside of your internship too.

Next up for my internship is to start concentrating on more academic tasks and also taking some time for my master’s thesis. I will start working on an evaluation report on the ongoing year which will also give me a good opportunity to get a bigger picture on the work of Wale Wale. Also, I will start concentrating more on starting my thesis project, which will mean I will spend a little less time at Wale. I am excited to start to collect data for my master’s thesis, as soon as I figure out a clearer idea on what I will write about.

Holiday program has continued the same as the previous week, busy but a lot of fun. On my photography class last Friday we looked into composition and then started testing the different settings on a camera. We had time to take pictures with movement and some portraits. This week on Wednesday we looked at the photos and discussed about the photos, what was good in them and what could have been done better. I also did a quiz on the topics we had talked about on the two first classes, to test how much they remembered. It was a lot of fun.

For me this week was short and calm. I worked only Monday to Wednesday and on Thursday morning I headed to Addis. The drawing project is going well, we are filling the books little by little and yesterday I even found some new material for the project in the Ethnological museum in Addis.

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