Stories and experiences of an intern

Wow last week was busy! That is why I am writing my blog a few days later this time. We had our football camp from Wednesday to Friday, followed by going to see some football games on Saturday and Sunday. Even though the week was busy, the football camp was amazing! It was so great to see all the kids so excited about playing different games and training together. It was the first football camp for them and I certainly hope the tradition goes on and there will be more camps coming up. Emil, Kalle and Christian came down from Sweden with jerseys, socks, footballs and some shoes and they were helping out with the camp.

Last week on Tuesday we had a different art class. A group of French and Kenyan artists called Street Art Sans Frontieres came to Wale and we painted our outside wall with them. It was really a lot of fun, listening to music, dancing and painting with them. They are in Nairobi for a few weeks to do projects all around Kibera and bringing some colour to the walls of the community. The painting they did for our wall was so cool! And on top of everything, it is an African mask, so it fits perfectly to the theme of our art classes!

This week our programme will be a little different. We will basically concentrate more on just having fun and relaxing and spending time together. We will have more acting, more dance and a different art project. On Wednesday I will paint one of the walls together with the kids. I am excited about the project and can’t wait to get to plan it and search for ideas online. I feel very happy about doing a bigger project for the centre and kind of leaving something special behind for the kids to remember me by.

Last Tuesday I also accompanied Happiness to see the Mr and Miss Kibera competition in Kibera. That was certainly an interesting experience and I had a lot of fun. The contestant were all very smart and conscious young adults, concerned about their community and motivated to make a change. There was even one contestant, who was deaf and had a translator with her. That was amazing! Unfortunately, I could not stay until the end to see the announcement of the winners, but I am glad I got to see at least a part of the competition.

This week on Friday I will receive my friend from Denmark and next Monday we will travel to Diani for Christmas and new year. On Sunday this week we will have the Wale Wale Christmas party to end the season and close the centre.

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