Journey of an Intern – David, 20th of September 2022


I’ve now started my fourth week here in Nairobi. So far there has been a lot of dancing and drawing which has been both difficult and fun. I’ve now started to remember some of the dance moves, but I still mostly try to follow what everyone else is doing to the best of my ability.

Last week the kids had holiday from school, so we have planned a holiday program here at Wale. We did a few different things. We started Teen talk where I helped talk to some of the older boys about masculinity. This has been very insightful to see them think and reflect about masculinity in their own lives. I have seen a lot of similarities between myself and them of how perceptions of masculinity have affected us in different ways. We also started to take some pictures for the ongoing School Fees Campaign, of some of the kids in their school uniforms. Sadly, it started raining as soon as we started so we will have to continue some other time. On Saturday we played football against some other kids in the area. We lost but it was still very fun.   

Apart from working I’ve also gotten to explore a bit. I’ve been to Karura forest where I saw what I think was dic dics, a very small antelope. I went to the Nairobi National Park with a friend where we saw many different animals I have never seen before in real life like giraffes, rhinoceros, zebras and many more. During the weekend I took a matatu to Ngong and hiked through the seven hills. It was both challenging as I am also not used to being on such high altitudes. The view from the hills was very scenic as well as you could see very far from the mountain tops.

During these past few weeks, I have gotten to try a few different Kenyan dishes. My favorite so far has been Chapati and beans. I have also tried Ugali, Minji, Mukimo and Masala Chips. I have liked all of it and I’m excited to try more Kenyan dishes. 


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