Wale Wale Kenya has been happy to host volunteers for the last five years. We will give you a fun, interesting and possibly one of the most fulfilling jobs of your life.

As a volunteer at Wale Wale Kenya you will get hands-on experience with development work in urban poor areas. You will be included in organisational work such as marketing and fundraising and hands-on practical work with the youths of Wale Wale Kenya. As a volunteer you don’t need to study anything that is directly related to our work. You can assist us with organisational work such as marketing and fundraising, help the youths with their homework during our Academic Follow-up Programme, participate in dance, music and football sessions with the youths and help us produce photographs, film and music in our studio. However, we also strongly encourage creativity and appreciate new initiatives. As a volunteer you can stay for as long as you like, the minimum period being two weeks.

We do not charge any fees. Our opinion is that you should not pay to work. We believe that both the organisation and our volunteers have more to gain from a partnership built on mutual interest in working towards our goals. However, no organisations can survive without means and we do emphasize that a key part of the work will be connected to fundraising and marketing activities.

If you cannot come to Kenya it is possible that you can still help us I some way. We have a Swedish sister organisation you can join if you are in Sweden (see https://walewalesweden.wordpress.com/). From elsewhere it is still possible that you could help us with fundraising and marketing. And maybe you have some special skill that could be useful for us?

To ask questions or apply please write to walewalekenya@gmail.com (Communication can be in English or Swedish). Tell us why you would want to work with us and how you could contribute and attach your CV to give us an idea of your previous experience.


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