Meet the Youths: Happiness Mwisha

10702014_546491178814487_57606954010357249_nHello my name is happiness Mwisha. I am in form two going form three next year. I am a dance I dance with a group known as Wale Wale Kenya. My dream career is to be a doctor but apart from that l wanna be a great dance some day because everybody has a talent and am so glad that l discovered mine to be dancing. I have been dancing for more that four years now and am gonna keep dancing for many years to come since it’s my passion since I was a little girl.

I wanna encourage the youth all over the world to take their talents seriously and also never loose hope of trying to do something that makes you smile because at times it´s good to have something fun to do apart from school and books. Am not saying that school is not important yes it is in fact it is the most important thing in this world because it’s the only clear way to a brighter future BUT our God given talent are also something which might or can make us have a great future someday so my brothers and sisters let make the change we want to see in this world lets not be useless but useful in some way or another. In this world there are different kinds of people, we have the first group which see and watch things happen without doing anything, then we have the second group that make things happen and change the world to be a better future and add color to our environment so as to make a change. Let´s not sleep anymore its unfair to waste our talent and not make good use of then. Believe in your self and people will believe in you for sure so stand up and show everyone what you can do the best since if you don’t do it now then you will never get another chance to prove the world wrong.

I wanna wake up one day and see a different generation, I wanna see a different world and see a different you. So if we stand tall and be the change we want to see tomorrow for sure our world will be a new and better world.


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