Meet the Youth…

Name: Happiness Mwisha Bernard Age: 20 years old Interviewer: Ok, some basic questions; where do you live? Happiness: I live in Kibera, just outside Nairobi, Kenya, a place known as 42, the centrum of Kibera. I live there with my little brother, it is just us. My mum moved and got married. It was hard in [...]

Meet the youth – Omentality

My names are GEOFREY OMENTA also known as OMENTALITY. I am a rapper a dancer and also a music producer at Wale Wale Kenya which is a youth centre based in Ayany, Kibera. I myself joined the centre in 2013 and since then I have been part of the family, and I would love to [...]

Meet the youths: Japheth Matika

BEING IMPORTANT IN THE SOCIETY People say being who you are or making once own life a success is an individual effort, I believe strongly that in order for all this to happen, there is a combination of different aspects which maybe PARENTS,FRIENDS and the ENVIRONMENT we grow up in. Our parents are important in [...]

Meet the youths: Benard Avangi

TO SUCCEED IN LIFE NO MATTER WHERE YOU COME FROM Becoming succesful in life has been one of the things in minds of many youths their dreams all night is to be come succesful, good cars,big houses,a lot of money and of course a happy family. But one thing they are forgetting is that today's [...]

Stephen Omondis homepage

Stephen Omondi is one of the members of Wale Wale Kenya. He is a talented filmmaker, educated at Hot Sun Film School in Nairobi. Recently he made a portfolio homepage where you can see the films he has done and get information about him as a filmmaker. Stephen is a vital part of the filmmaking [...]