The studio campaign

DSCN7645Until recently Wale Wale Kenya has headed a crowd funding campaign on Indigogo to raise money for the much needed studio. The youths here, as you may know, loves singing and dancing, and a studio is where the former can be put into reality and shared with world. Together our donors have raised 270.000 Kenyan Shillings, and so far we have invested in a good camera, and the remaining 200.000 Shilling is being put towards constructing a studio in connection to the center.IMG_0211

So far constructors have come with large amounts of wood and have been working for days to build the dream for our center. The studio so far consists of the walls, floor, roof and a door. We are in the process of installing a big mirror, so the singers can really see their own performance as we record. The soundproofing is also close to be put in, so our neighbors will be happy as well.IMG_0215

We once again just want to thank all our lovely donors for the wonderful donations. Here we would also like to name a few of the donors; so a great thanks go out to Tomas Mattson, Daniel Boder and Robert amongst many others.IMG_0250

Thanks to you all, and we will keep you updated on the progress of our new studio that you all helped become a reality.


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