Wale Wale Dancers

danceHere at Wale Wale we have a very active dance group. The group has several weekly practices where all the dancer – from the youngest to the oldest – gather and dance together. They dance for fun, but also as practice for upcoming performances, auditions and outreaches.s2bomqoxnr3hsliko1un

This week the focus is on dancing every day, because they on Saturday have an audition for performing at Ushirika. This is a big celebration, where it would be great honor to perform. The hopes are high, not just because the dancers have performed there four times before, but because the dance level at the center and the mix of both children and youths are unique for the Wale Wale Dance Group.

11039220_598376606969865_5472584529582063793_nIn a few weeks there is yet another audition for the yearly international trade festival. Here the dance group has as well performed several times, but everyone still works hard to perfect the routine for the audition. At least once a month the dance group goes out in Kibera and does an outreach performance, whereby they entertain the spectators as well as create awareness about the center and the opportunities here.

10672264_599265500214309_5419523624669970742_nThe goal of the Wale Wale Dance Group is to through dance empower the children and youth to be the change they want to see in others.

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