Performing at Ushirika

This Saturday the dance group had a big performance at the Ushirika Day Celebration. Early in the morning everyone went by bus to Uhuru Park, and soon after we arrived the show began. Of the 15 groups auditioning the weekend before only five performed at the celebrations and Wale Wale was honored to have been chosen amongst them.IMG_0872

This time we had both Monica, Petter and little Alice with us, and Monica made sure everyone was dressed properly and that everyone was ready, whenever we were called on stage. As the group waited next to the stage a young street kid quietly blended in with the group and decided to everyone’s surprise that he wanted to go on stage with them. The entire crowd cheered our talented dancers along and the kid did his very best to keep up and did so amazingly well. So well that the guests of honor invited him up to their seats and gave him both a t-shirt and some money.DSCN7830

After the performance everyone high fived the boy, and Monica explained what kind of organization we are. Later he came with us back to the center, where he is now always welcome. Wale Wale is always open for new members, and this boy showed great interest in the dance team.

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