Big football dreams

11046752_1574030699522663_3722436875781063868_nThis week we launched a fundraising campaign to raise money for the Wale Wale FC. The campaign is carried out through facebook, so you can go to the facebook page and click on the fundraising event. On the event you can also see the details on how to help out.

Wale Wale FC was started earlier this year with just a hand full of children and a few balls. All the players are used to dancing, so in the beginning everyone was unfamiliar with playing a team sport and all it entails. They needed small reminders that the game didn’t stop, just because they slipped or because someone stepped on their toes. They are all fast learners, and after a short while the players started to shape up.

11082432_1607053376220395_7209938950731335740_oNow the team has around 20 players, one and a half balls, two small portable goals, a few cones and some blue t-shirts, for when they play friendly games against other local teams. This campaign will help carrying the team to a higher level with more equipment and more opportunities during the two weekly practice sessions.11696871_10154083800093228_1061286886_n

Our dedicated players have around two friendly matches every month. The team can play all together or with some creativity split up into two teams: one under 12 years and one under 15 years. The team has far to go in terms of communication and coordination on the field and of course to build up a better cardio making it possible to play an entire game energetically. Most of the players show up for both practice sessions every week and show great enthusiasm to better themselves and the team.

The team is full of big dreams and lots of dedication from everyone.

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