Academic follow-up program

2015-07-08 17.48.022015-07-08 17.48.15For a long time it has been our dream to enhance the educational side of Wale Wale Kenya. Last week that became a reality with our members in primary schools as the main beneficiaries. The new academic follow-up program is aimed to help our youngest members to excel in their studies in primary school. To begin with we have collected information on all of them including school, class etc. The next step will be to gather their grades from either the report cards that their families have at home or from the school itself. This will help us to target our efforts for the individual child towards the subject that they need the most support in. The idea is then to follow up on the grades two times per term so be able to monitor their progress.

DSCN7958Every day at 16:30 when the children come to the center, we have prepared in one of the rooms with tables and chairs. The children then sit down and do their homework, and when they are done with that, we provide them with exercises in math and English on their individual level. Around 17:30 we pack the school books away, and all the children get a snack before the other activities at the center start. Monday through Thursday we work with their homework and do additional exercises, and then Friday we have fun with educational games. The games are aimed to improve their vocabulary, their ability to think fast, to help them remember simple rules of math such as the multiplication tables and of course to have some fun while learning.

DSCN7965The program is a very important addition to our existing educational program where we provide school fees for the members in secondary school. This follow-up program is important because these young children often have a hard time getting the help they need in school or at home for different reasons. As they are all from the slums their parents are often preoccupied catering for the more basic needs of the family. One important factor is also that the Kenyan education system does not diversify their teaching based on the needs of the individual child. This program will then serve as a support for the children where they can get all the help they need to be able to achieve better grades in school. The children are all at very different levels even the ones in the same class.

DSCN7971The program has already proven to have the support of the children who come every day right after school and without question sit down and start working on their homework. The one who don’t have any homework ask for exercises when they come and everyone works hard on whatever they have on their table. We hope this program will be able to help all our young members to create a good foundation for their further studies.

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