The journey of an intern~Meet Cecilia…

Hi!   My name is Cecilia and I am a new intern here at Wale Wale Kenya. I am studying Human Rights in Sweden and during our fifth semester of the program we are doing an internship to deepen our knowledge in something we are especially interested in, and getting the opportunity to use our … Continue reading The journey of an intern~Meet Cecilia…

What’s Next after highschool….

As from the beginning of last year we decided to change the structure of the organisation and one part of the changes was that we redefined our target age group.Previous to that we did not have a clear age limit for when our members actually exited from the program.We decided to set up a program … Continue reading What’s Next after highschool….

Dont Beat our Future documentary screening

As we all know the documetary about our show Don´t Beat our Future is now out. And this week on Wensday Wale Wale Kenya went to a certain school in Kibera (Furaha High School) to air the film as a way of  reaching out to the community and also to educate the students on the ways … Continue reading Dont Beat our Future documentary screening

Holiday outreach show

The Wale Wale dance program main purpose is to let young people from Kibera ages between 7-25 years explore and develop their talents in dance. Also use dance as a way to highlight, bring awareness about and discuss different social questions and issues in Kibera as well as in other places in Nairobi and Kenya. … Continue reading Holiday outreach show

Out Talk Nation

A new project has started at Wale Wale Kenya: Out talk Nation. The aim of this project is to give voice to the many different existences, that live together in the slums. Two of our own youths, Don and Steven, from Wale Wale go out into the slum, where they themselves live their daily lives, … Continue reading Out Talk Nation

A normal day at Wale Wale

“Petter, the keys..!? Thanks, see you in a bit.” The people on cleaning duty for the day pick up the keys and open the center around 08:30 in the morning and mop the floors before the rest arrive at 09:00. Every morning starts with a short meeting, where everyone describes their plans for the day, … Continue reading A normal day at Wale Wale

Academic follow-up program

For a long time it has been our dream to enhance the educational side of Wale Wale Kenya. Last week that became a reality with our members in primary schools as the main beneficiaries. The new academic follow-up program is aimed to help our youngest members to excel in their studies in primary school. To … Continue reading Academic follow-up program

CFK Fairplay Cup!

This Saturday Wale FC: s u12 team participated in their first real tournament – the Fairplay Cup organized by Corolina for Kibera. We went there with only the expectations to have fun and get some experience. However, after a tremendous effort by our boys, we won with 4-1 and are through to the next round. … Continue reading CFK Fairplay Cup!

Performing at Ushirika

This Saturday the dance group had a big performance at the Ushirika Day Celebration. Early in the morning everyone went by bus to Uhuru Park, and soon after we arrived the show began. Of the 15 groups auditioning the weekend before only five performed at the celebrations and Wale Wale was honored to have been … Continue reading Performing at Ushirika

Big football dreams

This week we launched a fundraising campaign to raise money for the Wale Wale FC. The campaign is carried out through facebook, so you can go to the facebook page and click on the fundraising event. On the event you can also see the details on how to help out. Wale Wale FC was started … Continue reading Big football dreams

Succesful audition

Saturday started early for the Wale Wale dance group. They had an audition in town for an upcoming celebration called Ushirika. We all went by bus, and Jacob the oldest member of the group was in charge of the big group of eager dancers. After registration everyone sat in the shadow and looked at the … Continue reading Succesful audition

Wale Wale Dancers

Here at Wale Wale we have a very active dance group. The group has several weekly practices where all the dancer – from the youngest to the oldest – gather and dance together. They dance for fun, but also as practice for upcoming performances, auditions and outreaches. This week the focus is on dancing every … Continue reading Wale Wale Dancers

We are Wale Wale – The video about Wale Wale Kenya

For the last couple of weeks we have been working on a longer and more comprehensive video where we want to tell the our story. This video is longer and goes more into detail in Kibera as an area and Wale Wale Kenya as an organisation. Check it out!