Co-operation with the French Embassy in Kenya

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As many of our supporters and friends already know, Wale Wale Kenya has been awarded a grant from the French Embassy´s Social Fund for Development. The purpose of the fund is to support different development projects in Kenya. Out of 239 applicants, Wale Wale Kenya was among the four organisations chosen for the grant.

The € 8 000 from the fund will be used to develop our Art and Media Center with the aim of increasing the quality and quantity of films, music and blogs produced by our members. The project’s first stage consists of educating our members in project management as well as the different forms of media production. In the second stage, the aim is to bring in more young people from Kibera and let our members pass on their knowledge to them.

The goal of the project is to equip youths with skills that they can both use to express themselves and that might also create employment opportunities for them. Film, music and blogs are ways in which the youths can reach out, participate in global debates and tell people from elsewhere what it is like to live in Kibera. Being educated in music recording, film making and photography will also enable them to sell their services to those who want to record music, make a promotion video or have nice pictures from functions such as weddings. Through this project Wale Wale Kenya will grow as an organisation as the level of expertise in our members increases. Since we are an organisation with a long term perspective we will be able to ensure that the benefits of the projects will remain and that the media production will continue even after the formal ending of the project.

We are very happy that the French Embassy has given us the chance to carry out this project, since it presents an opportunity for us to develop and grow.

To come to the webpage of the French Embassy in Nairobi, please click here

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