Workshop in project management


For two days, the project leaders for the music, film and blogg projects at Wale Wale Kenya, have been participating in a workshop in project management. The workshop was led by the company Nett Consultants and was financed with the grant that Wale Wale Kenya received from the French Embassy, Social Fund for Development.

The workshops were divided into two main areas, project management and financial management. The aim of the two workshops was to increase the skills in leadership, organisation structures and projekt management. The goal was also to obtain improved financial management. The workshop is an important step in strengthening the organization and creating a platform on which we will be able to grow.

For the first day and a half the project leader Nyabera Evette, Japheth Matika, Don Wilson,  Benard Avangi and Jacob Kokoyo received a cours in project management. It was a combination of a lecture and hands-on work where they got to discuss and learn different ways of management and and leadership.

Japheth Matika, Nyabera Evette, Monica Adhiambo participated in the Financial management workshop where they received tools of how they can develop routines in record keeping, money handling and budgeting.

The participants were very pleased of the workshops. They thought it was very informativ, constructive and felt that the tools they received and will help develop not only themselves as projekt leaders, but the organizations as a hole.

We thank Nett Consultants as well as French Embassy of Kenya for making this possible.

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