Summarising 2015

This time of year it is natural to summarise the past year and make plans for the new one. This is the case here at Wale Wale too. We have compiled an activity report which summarises what happened at the centre during last year and it is amazing to see how much that has happened! Below follows a short summary of the most important points:

  • February: Wale Wale Kenya is founded. The constituting meeting approves of a constitution that states that this is a democratic, transparent, member-based organisation. Within a month the new centre is equipped and activities can start.
  • March: The film crew makes the film Zlatan Ibrahimovic – We are the Names on your Body which becomes a great Youtube success with over 140 000 views. The video was shared by Zlatan himself and attracted attention from Swedish and American media.
  • June/July: A successful fundraising campaign enables us to build and equip a complete studio for music recording
  • July: Wale Wale employs six of the older members as project leaders
  • July: Start-up of the new Academic Follow-up Programme, which aims to support the members in their education through homework assistance, follow-up of results and optional counselling
  • August: Wale Wale dancers do a big outreach with performances on various sites in Nairobi.
  • September: Checkpoint, Wale Wale’s own restaurant, opens on Kibera Drive
  • September: We are chosen by the French Embassy’s Social Fund for Development to receive a grant of 8000€ to develop our Art and Media Centre.
  • September/October: The most successful School Fee Campaign ever raises over 600 000 Khs, more than enough to pay all school fees for 2016
  • October: Wale Wale dancers win a prize for best “Junior Contemporary” show at Uumuntu Cultural Festival
  • November: The front of the building and the dance space are painted. The fake tiles on the floor of the dance studio are replaced with a smooth painted surface that is easier to clean and better to dance on. Mirrors and fans are also added to this roomX-mas.

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