Intense Training for “Don’t Beat Our Future” Show

This week, our youth have been taking responsibility for the last arrangements for the show “Don’t Beat Our Future” that will take place at the end of August in Western Kenya, thanks to the Forum Syd grant. They have split the duties among themselves and managed to find very good deals for anything that was needed. Looking for something in Nairobi can be really time consuming, but our members did not let obstacles take them down, patiently waiting for buses, people and opportunities.


The most exciting news was the arrangement for the facility for the rehearsal – in which the youth are now training with focus. At times, their talent makes us forget that, at the center, they dance at less then 30 cm distance from each other. For them, having a bigger space to perform is a way to express themselves with even greater energy and purpose. They are more focused then ever and, one might say, even a little bit nervous for the upcoming performance. You can see their brains going through the steps even when standing still, even when doing something else.


The music for the show, written, recorded and edited by our members at the center, resounds in Kibera, and even the cock who is walking around the location seems to appreciate it, singing and walking at the rhythm of “and all I have / is the air and the sun“. The weather is also on our side, not too warm, just the right temperature to let the youth moving freely without feeling the heat. Seems like this show is blessed! By now, it has already been a success.


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