A Video of Our Youth Working on the Choreography for the Show

The youth training with Monica shows the picture of a big family, with all the issues, responsibilities and love that come with it. Monica really is the mother of Wale Wale, and with her commitment inspires them to try harder, to do better and to dance with the same energy again and again and again.

Schermata 08-2457609 alle 12.29.22

If you ask them “Are you tired?” at the end of the 8-hours training, they will reply with a decisive “Not that much“. One could think that they are playing strong, but in fact, when the training session is over, you will find them dancing again at the center with deep dedication.

The following clip is a thorough look at a full day training for our Don’t Beat Our Future show. The choreography created on the melody of Stitches by Shawn Mendes blesses this song with a totally different meaning.

Enjoy it and feel the energy!

The countdown to the show is now at – 14.

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