Meet the Youth – Peter Norman

My name is Peter Norman, Wale wale Kenya member, I am 24 years old. Born and raised in Kibera slums of Nairobi. I am the last born in a family of three: my elder brother, my mom and I. Like most of the unfortunate families in the slums, every family has it’s story – this is mine.norman

At the age of 7, my old man passed away unluckily. Too bad he had two wives and my mom was the second one so all the rights were given to the first wife. My MOM has always been my SUPER WOMAN because besides being widowed she took good care of my elder brother and I working as a house help for the well off families. Although she didn’t make a lot but she managed to feed and take me and my brother to school.
growing up in Kibera i realized that no matter the circumstances life has to move on. Along the way my brother had to drop out of school and engage himself into mtumba business in ADAMS ARCADE (second hand clothes) to help our mom to make a living, so i grew up looking up to my mother and him. Luckily business started thriving and he started helping my mom with the bills because life in the slum is a struggle mostly in Kibera. I managed to go to school to O LEVEL (FORM 4). I realized i wasn’t getting any younger due to lack of school fees i did not go to college. It’s probably hard to imagine what life must be like in the slum because it can be a dangeorus and violent place. The Kenyan gover meant is at least trying to improve the situation by building toilets, clinics and sewage pipes. Luckily I had so much passion in photography and there’s a friend of mine who went to school for the same course (ondivow), I started acquiring minor skills from him and now am confident to say that i learned something. Using my skills, I managed to join Wale Wale Kenya, an NGO based in Kibera’s Ayany Estate creating platform for change in the society for the youth of any age and gender and I love to say Wale is the change i needed. From here I am sure I’ll make my dreams valid.

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