Great contribution to our campaign!

Today is a good day at Wale Wale Youth Center!

These days, we have been fully occupied working with the “ShareaSquare” campaign. It’s a lot of fun work combined with the positive energy surrounding us and as we are working further, we noticed one important thing: hard work pays off!

The campaign is moving forward as are our dreams towards the future center. The number of squares is growing and thanks to LINDOME SECOND HAND STORE in Gothenburg, Sweden, we are now 30 squares closer to our goal – 2690 squares!

We have reached over 15 000 USD, which is equal to 15 percent of our goal – 100 000 USD. Given that the campaign will continue to run for the rest of the year, this is a great start.

Donations like this one from LINDOME SECOND HAND STORE, makes a huge impact! We are, as always, interested in exchanges and collaborations in several ways. Therefore, we are thrilled to have this Swedish company as part of our work towards the youth Center for the future generations in Kibera.

While writing this, we can hear the vibrant energy of the youths, working on different ideas for the year. This is simply why we love our work: to be able to create great ideas and visions together with the youths, leading and teaching us the value of having the opportunity to grow.

We are very excited and encourage YOU to share our vision as well as continuing sharing squares!

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