Great step forward!

It’s beautiful to see how all youths are working together with developing the center and moving forward. For instance, did you know that Wale Wale daily are working with homework support for the younger youth at the center? Or that Wale Wale Dancers currently are practising on a show including social issues like gender equality, reproductive health and sanitary towels? All the youth at the center are also daily reflecting on how they would want to develop the youth center. To be able to make project plans come true, we – Wale Wale – are regularly looking for funds and donors to support our plans of development.

As you already know, the focus at the centre right now is our campaign – “ShareaSquare”. It feels great to be able to tell you that M@VO company from BELGIUM donated a sum of 370 USD to the campaign! This by meaning, we are 10 squares closer to our goal – Wale Wale Future Center!mvo

Let us all get inspired by M@VO and keep on sharing squares!

#ShareaSquare #CSR #WaleWaleKenya #M@VO

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