RELAUNCH of “ShareaSquare”!

We have come a long way. It’s the third year since Wale Wale was funded and the organisation is growing!

Kibera is Africa’s largest slum area. Wale Wale Youth Center was built by and for the youth of Kibera. Today, 30 members run our youth center. They are talented, they have dreams about their future and they are driven to make a change.

But, a growing issue/challenge is that the current space at the youth center is too small, thus holding the organisation back. Our vision is to reach and give more youths opportunities to participate in our activities. Instead of being a center for 30 members our vision is to build a new and bigger center for 300 youths – The Wale Wale Future Center! The new center will have four stories that will contain a school, office, library, dance, media production and art facilities.

In order to convert this dream into reality the first step is to buy a plot of land where the Future Center can be built. We have calculated that the land cost corresponds to 100 000 USD which is equal to a land area of 2,690 square feet.

It might be a big dream and we may have a long path before us. BUT GUESS WHAT? We have already reached 15% of the land cost thanks to donations from YOU. We will not stop chasing our dream and we know this goal is very likely because everyone can be a part in making the Future Center reality.

YOU can help us purchase squares, one being equal to 37 USD. And you can do it RIGHT HERE.

We encourage you to be a part of this work towards Wale Wale Future Center. By joining the campaign and sharing squares, you will make a meaningful impact for more youth in Kibera who will have a place to develop their creativity.

Share this message and share a square. Also, check out our new campaign video!

#shareasquare #walewalekenya #walewaleusa #walewalesweden #kibera #ngo

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