New focus on our campaign “ShareaSquare”!

These days it’s been a lot of work within the organisation, we have focused on mentoring our board members to get knowledge in every task. This process is something we do annually and it is very important for our work. We are happy to be able to have an organisation governed by the youth themselves. This, since the vision of Wale Wale Kenya is to function as a voice for the youth in order to make an impact in Kibera. Therefore, the work with the campaign have not been so active this week. Now we want to start working hard with the RELAUNCH of the campaign! So far, we have collected 426 Squares for the campaign “ShareaSquare”! This is unbelievable since much of the donations are from private donors, THANK YOU! This makes it clear that TOGETHER we can, and we WILL, make it to the main goal – the Wale Wale Future Center. The new insight in the campaign is that, if we want to achieve our goal – 100 000 USD before December 2017 – we need to target more than private donors. Therefore, we will now focus even more on targeting donors from companies and not only private donors. Another new focus is to target local actors for donations and collaborations. So far, most donations have been given internationally. But to emancipate the youth from Kibera even more, it is important that they have locally established network.

We are so happy to have come this far! If YOU want to donate or spread information of our campaign, click on this link. Also, check out our new campaign video produced by our members!


Let’s get inspired by each other and keep on Sharing Squares! #ShareaSquare #CSR #WaleWaleKenya

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