Release of “808s and melodies”!

WOW! Today we are releasing the new music album “808s and melodies” produced by one of our talented youth at Wale Wale – Kevins Carter.
Click here to listen to the new released album!
This is an album full of soft and amazing songs recorded in our studio – Wale studio. Read and enjoy the interview with Kevins about music in general and specially about the album:

How long time have you been producing music?
Before I came to WaleWale I was only making the beats, just making them in the house. So when I came to WaleWale 2015, that was when I started with vocals and recording.

Where do you get your inspiration from?
When I started making beats I used to get inspiration from other music. Mostly from electronic music, like EDM (electronic dance music) and House music because of the melodies. Because in music I love melodies and in electronic and EDM music, there is a part that only focuses on the melody. And sometimes I don’t know like… mostly, when hearing some other peoples music, I want to do something similar but not the exact same.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
10 years from now? [laughing]. I want to have my own studio… that I am running by myself and with other musicians that I am working with currently and in 10 years I want to work with other musicians.

In Kenya or Globally?

Yea in Kenya, the studio I want to have will be in Kenya. But I want to work with other musicians globally, Africa and internationally: Europe, America…

What is the stories behind the songs in the album?
[Hmm…] Should I explain each song or entirely?

Yea like maybe more entirely or choose some specific song…

Okey… You know in the album, in the EP, there are six songs. The first three songs are slow songs. Sometimes I listen to hard-core music but when it comes to making music, I intend to go back on smooth things … So, when I was making the beats for this project, most of the beats were that way…

Like slow-jams?

Yea… You know like the style is like trap-soul… And I wanted to do like an entire album about that, but when I was looking for artists who featured on the EP, some of them … that’s not their style. So, I had to go back and make another set of beats but I put it in the same style like slow music, if you understand me?… If you listen to the songs, you will understand what I mean… But the first three are mostly like love songs, emotional songs.

So the whole album, the theme is love? Or what should you say is the main theme that inspires you like the story of your songs?

It’s not really love. I don’t want to place it on love. But most of the tracks are about love actually [laughing]. Yea like four out of six is about love so… let me stick with love for now [laughing].

Interviewer: Okey, “kevins love album”!
Is there something more you want to add about the album or the process?

Yea I don’t know, because I started making the EP last November. The idea came to me in august last year and I used to say that “oh I want to like put out something nice”. Actually, the idea came in august and I wanted the project to come out in December and the whole of august I didn’t do anything because we had a show and it was no time for me to concentrate on music. So we came back and then in September I told other artists that “I want to put out this thing” and most of them were saying “yes,yes,yes”… Then in November I started making the beats, so I made the beats all of them in November and December I started recording the songs so… yea… I finished recording in January actually.

(Interview Kevins Carter, WaleWaleKenya, 7/3-17)

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