Building the Future Center with Solar Energy – Meet the Engineers from Gothenburg

Last week these two master students from Chalmer’s University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden arrived to Wale Wale Kenya. Josefine and Isabelle will in support of Engineers Without Borders conduct their master’s thesis:”Design of control system for a smart building”.
In their thesis project Josefine and Isabelle will measure and estimate how the Future Center can be engined with solar cells, focusing on how to make energy utilization more efficient at the new center. It is an exciting project and we are very delighted to have attention payed to our dream and vision, the Future Center, by Engineers without Borders.
In our on-going campaign Share a Square we currently raise the money we need to buy a piece of land on which the Future Center is meant to be built. So far we have raised the equivalent of 427 square feet out of 2960 square feet. There is still a long way and Josefine and Isabelle are of great help in making our vision a reality. Building the Future Center with solar cells is an affordable, sustainable and environmental friendly solution to power all the meaningful and creative activities that will take place at the new center.

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