Update on our work at the center – Music Project!

This week, one of our producers at Wale Wale Kenya – Kevins Carter – has released his first album “808s and melodies”. Music has always been a big interest at the Center and we are so happy to tell you that we are currently having weekly piano and guitar lessons. It is a great energy and creativity going on at the Center within our music project. We – Wale Wale – believe that music is a great way to express feelings and thoughts about social issues, which is a great way to develop personally. To be able to provide a place in Kibera where the youth can come and develop their music skills and be creative is very important. This because it makes it possible for youth in Kibera to develop and have a meaningful spare-time. We believe that Wale Wale are and still will make an impact in the Kibera society in general, to provide tools to develop and be a voice for the youth in the area.

Our dream is therefore to be able to give this opportunity to even more youth in Kibera. For now, we unfortunately lack space to be able to do that. Currently we are about 40 members, but our plan is to build the Wale Wale Future Centre and increase the number of members to about 300!

(Ben Avangi – Wale Wale Kenya – producing music at Wale Studio)

To be able to do this, we need more donors for our campaign “ShareaSquare”. Are you the next one who wants to be a part of our work to Wale Wale Future Center?
#ShareaSquare #Walewalekenya #Music #808sandmelodies #campaign #dreambig

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