Adero profile

Meet Dullo Winnie Adero

Adero, 19, is a member at Wale Wale Kenya. She is a dancer and our current librarian. She is a mother to a beautiful daughter (Victoria), the fifth of seven children and lives in Kianda, Kibera with her 3 siblings and dad while her mum lives in a village called Siaya. Adero dancing and acting; she is very expressive and her favorite role is playing a crazy stepmother or a mad woman.

Adero joined Wale in 2011 when she was in primary school, class seven when Happiness, who is a member of Wale, introduced her to Wale and told her about the dancing at the center. Since Adero was missing the dance so badly after she left her mum in the village, Adero thought this was a perfect chance to take.

Adero graduated from high school in 2016 and her favorite subjects was English, History and Agriculture. When Adero thinks about the future she has a dream of being a writer to collect data. She also wants to build like a small center for girls, for giving them food but also learn them about life. How choices they make lead the girls to different lifestyles.

When I ask Adero about her favorite thing about Wale she says everything, but when I give her a minute to think she says that there are a few things that stands out. In 2013, Adero was supposed to go to high school but her dad was not able to afford the school fee. Luckily Wale Wale stepped in and paid the fee by their School Fee Program, which fulfilled Aderos desire of attending high school.

Adero thinks that another good thing about Wale is the Christmas holiday at the center. The exchanging of gifts, cooking a lot of food and eating together, like a big family.

Speaking about a family, Adero thinks that it has been really nice to have Monica around. She thinks of Monica as an extra parent that she always can count on. Someone that is fully supportive and wonderful.

Her favorite memory at Wale was in 2016, August when the center travelled to Kisumu in order to perform a dance show for a whole week. They also went to Lake Victoria for swimming and the whole day was so nice. Actually, because of that amazing week, Adero gave her daughter the name Victoria.


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