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Meet Mary Achieng! She is 17 years old, lives with her mum, dad and 7 siblings in Soweto, Kibera. Mary goes to high school, is in form 3 (the third year of high school) and her favorite subjects in school are English, Swahili and Geography. She joined Wale 2013 because she had a strong desire to improve her skills in dance and work on improving her grades in school. It was a perfect fit for her because the Wale Wale Kenya dance crew is very skilled and the homework support program has been helpful.

Mary’s favorite thing to do is to dance and to sing, something that she hopes to do more of at Wale. Mary has dreams about being a journalist here in Kenya. She also wants, in some way, to help orphans around the country.

Mary thinks that the best thing about Wale is that the organization really helps her and other young members of Wale Wale through providing school fees and guiding them to grow into responsible and better people. When Mary thinks about her favorite memory it only takes a second to decide that it was when Wale went to Kisumu for a whole week. The youths did a show with dancing and acting about child abuse.

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