Bonnie Profile.jpg

Meet Bonnie! His name is Bonface, but everyone knows him as Bonnie. He is 13 years old and lives in Kibera 42. Bonny has a mum, dad and two sisters who are ten and eight. He is in primary school in class 6 and he really enjoys school.

Bonnie joined Wale 2013 because he was told that it was a place where young people could learn to dance among many other things. His best thing about Wale is the new library, he thinks that it is a place where you can improve your reading skills and knowledge.  

Bonnie wants to live in the Jamhuri area (which is where the new Wale Wale youth center is) in the future and would like to have a family of his own. He also has big dreams for the future. He is fascinated about how science can be used to solve a lot of people’s problems from technology to medicine and he wants to be a scientist in the future.  For now, his favorite thing to do is to dance and have fun with his friends.

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