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My name is Nyabera Evette, I am 21 years and the third born in a family of six.I live with my mom and siblings in Kianda,Kibera. I am yet to join Nairobi University to pursue a course in arts and sociology. I joined Wale about seven years ago when it was still known as Wayo Wayo where we later moved to Wale Wale. I came to Wale because I needed a place where I could be myself, have fun and still gain knowledge at the same time.

Monica, who was at the time the dance choreographer was like a mentor, a second mother and a role model for me. Someone that you could be comfortable to talk to and get advice from. My favorite memories at Wale are countless. First it is all the great performances we go to, then the holiday parties and last but not least, the trips we take to places either for performance or just to have some fun.

I love reading, writing and traveling. I also love to work with people and helping out where I can. In the future I want to work with Wale and other organisations to change people lives. The best thing about Wale is that it does not tell who you have to be, instead it gives you a place, the tools and guidance to be the person you want to be.


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