Meet George Were! He is 15 years old, lives with his mum, dad, two sisters and one brother in Kibera in an area called Bombulu. He is in primary school, class 3 and his best things to do during his spare time are acting and playing football.

George is an amazingly talented dancer and he has always loved dancing from the time he was a child, so when he found out about Wale which was at the time located around his neighborhood, he got very interested. He joined Wale 2014 and was very happy to be part of the range of activities that were offered at Wale including the homework support which has been of great benefit to him. Currently, his absolute favorite things to do at Wale are dancing, reading with the interns and volunteers at the library and the art class on Saturdays. In the future, George wants to be a pilot so he can visit other countries. The three things he wants to achieve in his future are go to the university, start a family and move to America. He is such a delight to be around.

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