Stories and experiences of an intern


After relaxing for a few days in the small coastal town of Lamu, it was time to come back to the Nairobi buzz. Lamu was beautiful though, it is a UNESCO World Heritage site full of beautiful architecture, fish, sun and beach. I am glad I finally got to visit another place in Kenya and now I am eagerly waiting to plan my next trips to discover this beautiful country.

This week has been busy and full of different things to do. The Book Drive is up and running, so now all we need is to get more visibility and share it in our social media platforms. On Wednesday afternoon I went to the football field in Kibera to film interviews with our coaches Musa and Michael. Walking in Kibera feels more and more natural to me and it makes me feel a little less of a “white tourist” when I actually bump into people I know in there. I am glad that I get to go to Kibera every week for football and just chat with the coaches, chat with the kids and just observe the everyday life in the neighbourhood.

On Thursday morning we had the last orientation walk in Kibera with the student from the Swedish school. Next, we will start our cooperation with them in the School Fee Drive and selling our jewellery and the colouring books we will create in our drawing project. So, Thursday afternoon I took photos of Venna and Happiness presenting the earrings and bracelets. I really haven’t done these kinds of modelling photos before, so I really enjoyed it. Happiness and the kids will do more jewellery every Saturday and I’m eagerly waiting to get to shoot some necklaces.

I have been working a lot with our Forum Syd Application. Basically, we are going to run a project with the goal of promoting tolerance, openness, social awareness and equality in Kibera. The application I have been working with was actually made already in the beginning of this year, driven by the tensions created by the presidential election on 2017-2018. It started as a book club project, but I have been working this week with Venna to expand the activities beyond books.

Basically, tribal tensions are still very much existing in Kenya, even though you cannot necessarily see them between the election periods. However, politicians usually base their campaigns on ethnic background which creates a whole lot of tensions between the different tribes in Kenya. These tensions tend to escalate especially in underprivileged areas like Kibera, where people get killed and unfortunately during those politically tense periods, no one really cares enough to investigate the cases. This creates an atmosphere of insecurity, discrimination and inequality.

With the Tambua project, we want to give the youth of Kibera first of all the chance to take part in the discussions on politics and ethnicity. Often children and young people are left out of the conversations on these issues, and the older generations that talk about these things often spread false stereotypes that get passed onto their children. The aim of Tambua is to create an open and equal space for the youth to discuss and debate in a peaceful way, express their emotions and opinions through writing and art, and also promote understanding and social awareness. We are hoping to help in the creation of a generation that has the tools and the motivation to make a change in their community.


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