Slum Tourism—Our Take!!

Kibera Slum Orientation Walk.


Slum tourism, or ghetto tourism is a type of tourism that involves visiting impoverished areas like the Kibera slum which is the largest slum in Africa. Most people from all over the world come to Kibera slum for different purposes. Some to do their research on different things, some to study the way of life but most of this visitors come for the sake of slum tourism and to get a chance to walk around kibera and see first hand the living condition of the large population in Kibera.Kibera Slum has been for many years a curious and interesting place for most people around the world.Slum tourism is taking off in Kenya. Several local organisations have started selling guided trips through Kibera, a short drive from the luxury hotels that serve most foreign visitors in Nairobi.

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Wale Wale Kenya as an organization we come in to offer these services to people who are interested to see Kibera not only as a Slum but as a Home for most of our members. Most people view Kibera as a place where people suffer, insecurities, drug abuse and all the negative things, well this is just one side of Kibera and what we as Wale Wale Kenya try to show the people who we take for walks is the positive side of living in Kibera. This is a land full of opportunities and many benefits. On a normal day in Kibera everyone is busy with their respective jobs, whether its cleaning shoes during the rainy seasons or the women selling vegetables across the roads, all these are different ways that people in kibera find in-order to make a living. Kibera is not all about Poverty, yes the life standard ,might be below the average but we are surviving and very healthy.

Most of the time, false knowledge is worst that ignorant, a lot of people find out about kibera through the various social media and different articles on the websites, this is not right, as wale wale Kenya we encourage people to come down and see for themselves as they get first hand information from the youths who were born and still live in kibera.

Kibera is a beautiful place, we encourage people to come down and get to be part of these place even though it’s for the few hours the walk takes.   

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