Meet the youths: Claire Khalenya


Day come day go, life in slums is always the same, no one is trying to change it even if they try its hard for them too. The government is avoiding the people in the slums cause of a reason nobody knows, it is only them that knows, if you ask they are trying but if you look around you find that nothing is changing you start wondering what they are trying to do.

Us  girls we are the people that are suffering a lot cause there is lots and lots of insecurity, lack of sanitary towels. Many girls are dropping out of school because of mothers and fathers who think that when their girls reach a certain age they should get married. Something they dont know is that their girls will be the people who will move them out of the slums .

Education is a key to many things like the up coming future and the next generation.

I always look around and start asking myself  an answerable question, when will  Kibera slum and other slums in our society ever be like other towns. For sure if i ever get the answer to that question I will be calm cause many kids in the slums don’t have a home to live in, clothes to wear, food to eat, and that’s why the population in Kenya is decreasing from day to day. Parents don’t give their children easy time that’s why they involve themself in drug abuse, steeling and also joining gang group around the slums and that’s why many youths die and it ruin’s our forward future.

In my life time i always have one wish and one hope that one day our homes will be a better place for both teenagers and the young ones who are up coming.

Thank you!

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