Some comments from parents about our center

At Wale Wale Kenya our days are always busy and often a little crazy. It is rare that we take the time to reflect on what we do on a deeper level. So to revive texts like the ones below is a nice reminder that our work is appreciated and not only by our kids but also their families.

“I appreciate for the things your doing to our children. Infact you are making our children to be very busy and very far from bad groups. I have nothing to offer mine its to give you courage to continue with that good heart. I know they are many chaleges on the way, but mine keep on going .some of people can break your heart but never and ever give up, continue doing good things to our children may god almighty give you heart and strenght to stay and teach those children. I know their must be a child need a smile and happiness and i know you always give them. Your mother to them,and to athers you are a sister. I know these chidren come to your place smiling, happy and full of love. Dont and ever give up! May god bless you, and good night.”

“I didnt tell how you have done a good job. Your girl Ciku dance at show on Saturday at sunlight advertisement and she came with a gift. Thanks for a hard and a good work you have make my girl to be a star”

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